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Roma's Italian Restaurant

Ready to NOT be disappointed by an Italian restaurant? Head to Roma’s, then! Serving some of the best pizza in Prosper, TX, as well as excellent Italian everything, this spot has been getting positive reviews for a long time now. Why not give it a shot? Here at Roma’s Italian Restaurant, we take the art of pizza-making to a whole new level. Our crust is thin and light, yet filled with bubbles and perfect, chewy consistency. Not too chewy, though, just the right amount! Some have called it the perfect pizza crust. We have regular as well as gluten-free choices. They’re all specialty pies, which means the ingredients are high-quality and the taste is superior. The same goes for our calzones and strombolis. If you’re up for pasta, you can get a great plate with us. Our home-baked pasta dishes are actually some of our most popular meals. There’s a variety to choose from and they’re all tasty. You can also opt for veal, chicken, or seafood dishes, a house special, or one of our great desserts. There’s also a kid’s menu for the youngest! Our restaurant is ready to welcome you for lunch or dinner any time! We’re closed on Tuesdays, but every other day is fair game. You can also order via Slice for delivery or pickup! Come and visit this Collin County gem as soon as you're here! We'll be happy to have you.

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